Breakin’ the blog, breakin’ the blog

Just a quick heads-up: I’m doing some extremely overdue site management this weekend, and it’ll take the blog (and my email) offline for a few hours. Possibly longer, if I do my usual and make a complete arse of things.





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  1. Wow! I too am doing some long overdue site management this weekend! And I too am a lazy arse!

    Actually, I’ve just set up WordPress on my server. A blog seemed the way to go as I have no time for CSS demos and articles with GCSEs coming up. I’m writing a custom theme which I plan to put up this weekend. All the best.

  2. Gary

    Good luck with the theme. I gave up and paid someone who actually knows what they’re doing to create mine :)

  3. Cheers Gary. Its going OK. It’s on the simple side but it’s my first time creating a custom theme to suit a CMS. Actually, some of it is tricky and it will take longer than expected.