Work is cancelled for the foreseeable future



[Thanks, David]





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  1. Fantastic!

    David, can I have one too? ;-)

  2. mupwangle

    For some reason I seem to have a knack of getting wiis when required. I walked into Game and bought one on the spot as someone’s preorder had expired and I managed to get one on Amazon when Gary said he was looking for one the very moment they put another batch online. It’s a shame I think ebay scalpers are scum or I reckon I could make a fair bit of cash.

  3. Well, I’m a bit short on cash myself, at the moment, so I was kind of hoping you could just, you know, give me one, rather than limiting yourself to just finding one I could buy. I mean, I think you should push your boundaries, know what I mean? ;-)

  4. mupwangle

    I would love to, obviously, but shan’t. ;-D