The enemies list, Feb 2007

In no particular order:

  • eBay, whose debt collectors – Intrum Justitia – sent me a nice letter about the listing fees that are nothing to do with me promising they’ll either “instruct solicitors to take legal action” or “instruct our local collection agent to make a personal visit”. Cocks!
  • Domain Registry of America, whose official-looking domain registration letters are a crude scam designed to make you switch your domain to them. Cockity cocks!
  • Acer, who charge you £50 for replacement software disks if you’re daft like me and reformat the hard disk before making backups – and who make you wait a week before telling you they can’t provide disks for your particular model. Naturally they don’t return the cheque – the buggers have cashed it. Cockity Cock Cock McCocks!