Sugababes vs Girls Aloud

Oh dear, it’s terrible. And the guitar riff’s wrong too. Popjustice has the video, if you’re feeling masochistic.

/ falls into deep depression





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  1. Ouch. Some things are just not meant to be. I kept waiting for the cosmic rip in the space/time continuum to open and swallow them up.

  2. Gary

    Even by Girls Aloud’s and Sugababes’ usual standards, it’s a terrible choice of song.

  3. Totally stinks like a bad’un. Looks like they’ve dropped to a key that’s more GA friendly. Its the sort of trick they used to do to fit songs into Geri Spice’s vocal range. Its a surefire number one though. Gah.

  4. Gary

    Have any charity records ever been good? Apart from Na-Na-Nee-Nee-Noo-Noo, that is.

  5. Gary

    According to the popjustice forums, there’s some shoddy post-production in the video – Nadine (who wasn’t at the video shoot) has a see-through head in parts of of the video. Although maybe it’s not post-production but simply the result of excessive slimming.

  6. Alex G

    Ugh. Awful song.
    You never know with these ‘Celebrities’, the next ‘in’ thing will be size 80 togas. *shudders at the thought*

  7. Gary

    Not while obesity is a sign of poverty, you won’t. Beth Ditto’s on the front of NME because she’s the polar opposite of what the culture considers sexy, not because she’s at the forefront of a trend…

  8. abbie

    thats a amazin song is evry one def?
    girls aloud rock and no 1 knows what there talking about !!

    kkeep goin g.a
    we love ya!

  9. we love girls aloud wat is rong wiv every one r they all deaf the song roxx and we luvv it!!!!!!!!!


    luvv it!

    and there songzz g.a roxx