Selling my phone on eBay. Third time lucky? Don’t be silly

Another week, another attempt at selling my phone on eBay. This time the winning bidder is in the UK. Or is he? Let’s see what happens when we contact the winning bidder in Cold Norton, Essex!

“Hello Mate,
How are you doing today,It a New Year,Let Thank God one could
see a New Year,Well i have just bidded on your item on ebay and i happen
be the wonner of your item,please payment will be made via PayPal,i will

like you to get back to me with the shipping cost to Africa,cos i want
to help me send it to Africa,i want you to send it as a First Class
Delivery,Please get back to me with the shipping cost to Africa as
soon as possilbe






0 responses to “Selling my phone on eBay. Third time lucky? Don’t be silly”

  1. Ms Mac

    I’m completely naive when it comes to eBay. Can you explain why Africans seem to be obsessed with purchasing your phone?

  2. mupwangle

    It’s a scam. They send you a fake paypal receipt and they end up with an expensive piece of electronics and you have nothing.

  3. Gary

    It’s a combination of things, but the main reason is the almost complete lack of law enforcement in many countries – notably Nigeria, where not one single person was done for fraud between 1983 and 2003. Add in a low-wage economy, widespread corruption and the profitability of scamming and you’ve got a situation where crime really does pay.

    That said, it’s changing in Nigeria at least. They’ve got a kind of fraud czar who’s doing major work to crack down on scammers – mainly 419 “I am the son of Prince whatever and I need your help to get $20 million out of the country” scams, but smaller ones too.

  4. mupwangle

    Looks like the 2nd chance person has bought it. An actual real ISP email address which appears to match her name.

  5. The scammers from America are easier to spot: “Well hello there, my good chap, Lord Fawlty here, splendid day to be concluding an eBay transaction, what-what? God save the Queen, I always say! Anyway, I happen to have tootled States-side, so if you could send it care of my cousin Jeremiah, instead of to my estate in Peckham, I’d be awfully obliged. Tally-ho!”

  6. Tell me that was just cut and pasted. Please!

    Anti-spam word: Spoon. Strangely my last big eBay disappointment involved one.

  7. Gary

    It was, yeah.

    On a happier note one of the bidders was a real, non-scamming person, so it looks like the phone is finally going to a new home. In Britain!

  8. mupwangle

    This is despite the listing saying :

    This is the 3rd listing for this item due to scammers. Unfortunately I need to take a few steps to save having to list this item *again*. I’m afraid I can only accept PayPal and deliver to a verified PayPal address. Please do not mail me asking to sell outwith the auction as I won’t as it means that eBay and PayPal protection doesn’t apply – this also protects you! If you are the planning to bid and are intending to ask me to send it to some random person in sodding Nigeria – please note that I’m not that stupid.

  9. Gary

    please note that I’m not that stupid.

    They obviously thought you were lying about that bit.

  10. mupwangle

    Bastards have just invoiced my for £17 listing fees and there’s another £13 waiting. (It’s meant to be £7).

    I’m never selling anything on ebay again.