PS3 Europe – the game

Following last week’s news that European PS3s won’t have the same backwards compatibility as their US and Asian siblings, Sony has announced a new addition to the launch line-up: PS3 Europe, The Game. Unlike most console games the package doesn’t actually include a disc; instead, it includes two photographs and two labels. The photos are of an arse and an elbow respectively, and to win the game you need to put the right label on the right photo. Unfortunately both labels say “arse”.

PS3 Europe, The Game costs £2,000.






0 responses to “PS3 Europe – the game”

  1. mupwangle

    It actually looks like future us and asian PS3s will be crippled too. It’s a cost cutting exercise – removing hardware and replacing with emulation.

  2. Gary

    Yeah, I read that somewhere. Not the greatest timing, though: taking existing features and making them worse is rarely a good sales tactic at the best of times.

  3. You really wouldn’t think that they were several months late to the party, with an offering twice as expensive as their rival’s wildly successful one, would you?