Petition crazy! This time it’s about DRM

Another day, another government response to an online petition. This time it’s a request to ban DRM, and the government says:

DRM does not only act as a policeman through technical protection measures, it also enables content companies to offer the consumer unprecedented choice in terms of how they consume content, and the corresponding price they wish to pay.

As No Rock’n’Roll Fun notes, that’s absolutely true if by “unprecedented choice” you mean “locking consumers into one supplier and one format [so] you have no control whatsoever over what you want to pay”.






0 responses to “Petition crazy! This time it’s about DRM”

  1. Am I the only person that thinks there’s someone at No 10 getting a pat on their back for coming up with the concept of direct propagandising?

  2. Given the Government’s level of IT competence, I was wondering whether there’s maybe a maverick at Number 10, sending out these emails with no authorisation whatsoever, and the Government haven’t noticed yet.