More fun with eBay buyers

David’s selling a phone for me on eBay, and the first listing was invaded by scammers. Relisted with the usual “I’ll only deliver to the UK” stuff and the following bit of blah:

This is a re-listing thanks to time-wasters, so unfortunately I need to take a few steps to avoid the scammers. I’m afraid I’ll only accept PayPal, I’ll only deliver to a verified PayPal address and I won’t sell outwith the auction, so please don’t email me offering a million jillion pounds if I promise to end the auction immediately and send the phone to your brother-in-law who lives on Mars.

Auction progresses, auction ends, winning bidder is from the UK, invoice sent. Winning bidder replies with a different email address and says:

Please deliver to my home address in Nigeria.

*bangs head off desk*






0 responses to “More fun with eBay buyers”

  1. Aarrgh!

    What a complete and total tosser. Probably so confident that slipping that bit in at the last minute was such a masterly ruse, he never considered not bidding for a second.

  2. Gary

    It’s particularly annoying because while eBay states clearly that if you ignore the sellers’ instructions your bid is invalid, there’s no mechanism I can see for cancelling such bids once an auction ends. Which means – yes! – it’s back to the email-an-idiot system.

  3. Do you not just use the ‘second chance’ option for the next bid down?

  4. Gary

    No reply. So it’s relisted again. Third time lucky…