Fergie “looks like something Aquaman would fight”

If you’ve ever wondered why celebs are mumbling unhappily about appearing on giant, high definition TV screens, the professionally nasty What Would Tyler Durden Do? gives an insight: hi-res pics of erstwhile Black Eyed Pea Fergie are perhaps a little more hi-res than she might like.

Usual disclaimer: WWTDD is usually foul-mouthed and more often than not, unsafe for work.






0 responses to “Fergie “looks like something Aquaman would fight””

  1. Well, her piercings are a little disturbing, but I doubt I would be kicking her out of my bed if I happened to find her in it. And I really, really doubt the guy behind WWTDD would do the same: that much bitchiness can only be due to dude having serious frustration problems.