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Slimming world

Nice (accidental) bit of page layout on the Sun site today:


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That’s funny, sad and ironic all at the same time. It’s the media that constantly press these unrealistic ideals to people that feeds this disease.

Interesting anthropological point: in cultures where the ideal shape for a woman is, well, the more the better, they still have problems with anorexia. It seems obviously right that pressure from the media is to blame, but it may well be one of those things that is obviously right yet still actually wrong.

I don’t think the media causes anorexia or bulimia – they’re mental illnesses, after all – but I do think the relentless coverage (“you’re fat! You’re ugly!) can make people paranoid about their appearance. Apart from me, obviously. I’m a bronzed Adonis.

I always thought Adonis meant something else completely too. Also I’m not sure of the meaning of bronzed either. I was sure that it wasn’t a shade of blue.

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