It’s said that the internet has the collective intelligence of a fourteen year old boy…

…but this Digg discussion suggests 14 is overly optimistic.

The story’s a simple one. As The Sun reports:

“A city investment banker has been humiliated afer photos of her performing oral sex were emailed to her boss and colleagues. The anonymous email also found its way on to the internet… it is understood the photos were stolen from a memory stick that the woman owned.”

Leaving aside the obvious blow job jokes, of which there are many, the Digg discussion’s utterly depressing: while there’s no information in the story about the other person in the video – it could well have been her boyfriend, fiancee, whatever – the tone of the discussion is “what a slut”. While a few more sensible people point out that the email is a really, really shitty thing to do, most are giggling schoolboys (or acting like giggling schoolboys). These three comments are pretty representative:

“A high paid executive in her TWENTIES did not earn her way to that position honorably.”

“But now her “career advancement skills” are known to the world”

how big of a difference is there between a $20 crack whore someone found downtown, and a woman who allows herself to be filmed having sex?

Christ almighty, what century is this?





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  1. mupwangle

    I noticed more that people were asking for the pictures. Blowjob pictures on the internet! What are they thinking!

  2. It’s Digg. No further explanation is necessary to explain the avalanche of facile comments

  3. Gary

    It’s funny how community sites develop a kind of personality. I think Digg, Fark, MetaFilter, B3ta etc all have very distinct attitudes and demographics (sorry, can’t think of a better way to put it). It does seem that Digg is a much younger site than the others.

  4. mupwangle

    There is definately something wrong with this layout. When you use a quote it offsets everything half a character to the left.

  5. Gary

    David, what browser are you using? I’m getting it fine in Safari, FF2 (mac) and IE7 (VIsta). Uploaded a layout fix this morning to address IE7 layout problems.

    Is it when there’s a blockquote?

  6. mupwangle

    ie6. I’ll take a screengrab and send it.

  7. Gary

    Thanks for that. You just know it’s going to turn out to be an IE6-specific bit of CSS arsery, don’t you? I’ll forward it to Ronnie and make him cry.

  8. Gary

    David, is it better now? Ronnie’s poked the CSS with his special software spanners.

  9. Hmmm, I can see that it’s not.

    Thinking cap back on….

  10. Gary

    That’s the new one uploaded. Better?

  11. mupwangle

    This thread isn’t doing it on firefox on the mac but I’ll have to wait till I’m back at work to check.

  12. Looks good to me…

  13. Looks positively spiffing under IE7 and FF2 on Vista. Although I think it was ok on both of them before the change. I’ll go away again now.

  14. When I eventually get around to redesigning my site, I am sorely tempted to not bother with IE6 at all. Just stick a footnote on the front page reminding everyone that the upgrade’s free.

  15. tm

    >reminding everyone that the upgrade’s free.

    of course, but IT projects to upgrade every machine in a reasonably sized company are not – so I will be stuck with it at work for some time I’m afraid.

  16. Gary

    Good point, Mr TM. That’s largely why old netscapes and IEs are regular visitors to the server logs.

  17. Yes, my company still have IE6 as their default browser. Largely because you need SP2 of XP to run IE7, something which hasn’t yet been deployed across my workplace.

  18. tm

    >SP2 of XP to run IE7

    It’s been said before, but of course from a corporate point of view there isn’t really a compelling need to upgrade from 2K to XP at all – so my company among others still has most of it’s installed base on 2K.

  19. Oh, sure. This is why, when designing for a client, I’d always make sure it was IE6-compatible. What I meant was that, purely for my own site, I just can’t be bloody bothered with it any more. Selfish, but hey, it’s mine.

  20. mupwangle

    Working OK at work now too. Not that I’m using the internet at work or anything. Ahem.