It’s said that the internet has the collective intelligence of a fourteen year old boy…

…but this Digg discussion suggests 14 is overly optimistic.

The story’s a simple one. As The Sun reports:

“A city investment banker has been humiliated afer photos of her performing oral sex were emailed to her boss and colleagues. The anonymous email also found its way on to the internet… it is understood the photos were stolen from a memory stick that the woman owned.”

Leaving aside the obvious blow job jokes, of which there are many, the Digg discussion’s utterly depressing: while there’s no information in the story about the other person in the video – it could well have been her boyfriend, fiancee, whatever – the tone of the discussion is “what a slut”. While a few more sensible people point out that the email is a really, really shitty thing to do, most are giggling schoolboys (or acting like giggling schoolboys). These three comments are pretty representative:

“A high paid executive in her TWENTIES did not earn her way to that position honorably.”

“But now her “career advancement skills” are known to the world”

how big of a difference is there between a $20 crack whore someone found downtown, and a woman who allows herself to be filmed having sex?

Christ almighty, what century is this?