Email problems, again

Not just tardyness on my part: my web host’s mail servers have been down for most of today, and they’re still knackered – so I’m not receiving emails at all.

A day later…

The servers are working again but there’s clearly a huge backlog outstanding: while emails are starting to trickle through, they’re at least eight hours late. So if you emailed an “OMG! FLAMES!” SOS this morning, you’ll probably be toast by the time it actually arrives in my inbox. Sorry about that.





0 responses to “Email problems, again”

  1. As you know, I use the same ISP as you. The email for the last couple of days has just been appalling.

    On the up side, this only happens every couple of years.

  2. mupwangle

    1&1 made the register yesterday about their email woes.

  3. Gary

    It’s still not sorted – I’m getting huge delays, which have utterly screwed several deadlines. I’m not having a good year so far.

  4. Ben

    If you throw in the horse I might forget the ugly looks.

    In saying that I used to have a Nokia 6600.. I didn’t think it looked *that* bad.

  5. Ben

    ^^ was in regard to the iPhone/New Nokia post.. not this one. D’oh.

    Speaking of email (ahem.. try to gloss back on-topic) – I’ve been using Gmail for a bit now.. ooh I love it’s spam-munchingness, it’s interface isn’t the best in the world and the ‘conversation’ style filing takes a bit of getting used too.. but purely for the spam-filter it rocks.

  6. Gary

    I haven’t been able to access Gmail for a few weeks now. Some sort of firefox problem? Dunno…

  7. Ben

    I had this problem getting into adsense, try clearing your cookies AND cache – the problem never came back.

    Failing that use IE and chant “Google is Evil”.

  8. Gary

    Cache/cookie cleaning doesn’t work – adsense is fine, but Gmail logs in, loads and stays blank. IT still works in Safari though.