eBay can kiss my increasingly lardy arse

The joys of online-only customer service: a few months back, eBay spotted – and stopped – some fraudulent sales going via my eBay account. The sales incurred listing fees, which eBay promised to credit; today, eBay threatened to send debt collectors round to recover the fees which were nothing to do with me and which they’d promised to credit.

I’m trapped in a system that I’m sure you’ve encountered too: you email eBay, they promise to do something, they don’t, they threaten you, you reply, they promise to sort it out, they don’t, they threaten you, you email…





0 responses to “eBay can kiss my increasingly lardy arse”

  1. Print a proper invoice for your wasted time and send it recorded delivery to the chairman.

  2. tm

    Or, alternatively, buy a Wii and get using it since activity based games have been clinically proven to reduce lardiness.



    If you can’t fix the e-bay part of your headline, at least fix the lardy ass part…

  3. Gary

    I think it’ll take more than a console to get me fit. Need to do it – the back’s finally getting better, and if I don’t sort out my core muscles pronto it’s going to be slippedy-disc-a-doo-dah all over again.

    Ebay’s promised to sort out the credit again, btw. Not holding my breath.