I’ve been planning to make changes to the blog for a while, but rather than a new name – Captain Spanky’s adventures in cyberspace, anyone? – I decided instead to get it redesigned by the gorgeous, pouting Ronnie Brown (with a pic taken by David). I’ll switch to the new theme in a wee bit, so please excuse any formatting weirdness or other bugs.

Why redesign? For several reasons:

* If you don’t like the look, I can blame Ronnie.

* If it misbehaves in your browser, I can blame Ronnie.

* If there are any layout bugs, I can blame Ronnie.

* If the content’s crap, I can blame… oh. Damn.





0 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. mupwangle

    It seems a little wide – I’m running 1024×768 and need to scroll.

  2. Gary

    Any comments like that would be appreciated. I think this comment box might work better with a grey background to make it less stark, and I think blockquotes need to be slightly bigger (and maybe on a grey background too).

  3. Is that supposed to be a gag, or is it one of your dog’s squeaky bones?

    The RSS doesn’t take you to the post page.

  4. Gary

    As in, if you click a link in the RSS feed? That’s probably something I’ve done, because I had to fiddle with the permalink system to fix some missing archives. I’ll go look.

    It’s a chew bone. Tasty!

    Any other layout suggestions, folks? I think maybe take the line spacing down a bit to make posts a little more compact, and removing the auto-capitalisation from headings (so iPhone doesn’t become Iphone). Owt else?

  5. >>It’s a chew bone. Tasty!

    That’s alright then. i was going to point out that your gagging technique was highly inefficien…erm…

  6. Re the RSS, yes – as in click a link. It was fixed, but you’ve been a fiddling again, haven’t you?

  7. Gary

    Yeah, sorry. To cut a long story short there’s an access problem that kills the archives, so I’ve had to change the way archives are stored. So links will be weird for a bit.

  8. I reckon each post’s title should also be a permalink. But I always think that.

  9. Gary

    If we ask Ronnie nicely he might change the template accordingly :)