I’m always amused by tribute bands’ names – take a bow, Gwen Ste-phoney! – but I’m even more amused by their promo pics. This particularly scary one is from the same site as Ste-phoney, and it’s the cleverly named Girls R Aloud:


I mean, bloody hell, if you put me in waders, flippers and pulled a bin bag over my head I’d look more like Girls Aloud than that lot does.

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  1. Gary

    That is quite possibly the best site I’ve ever seen. Abba Dabba Do, anyone?

  2. oh dear god…..

  3. Coldplace. Heh. I think I might open a dodgy fish-and-chip shop dedicated to them called… never mind :)

  4. Gary

    Now that’s a whole new can of worms: shops with pop star punnage :)

  5. tm

    I did hear a thing on the radio recently about a cafe soemwhere in devon or cornwall that kept celebrity left-overs as an attraction. Seriously.

  6. Toyahs R Us
    Phones 4 U2

    I’ll stop now.

  7. Anonymous

    these girls do a spice girls tribute, they are the most miserable, sourface, talentless lot on the planet. their company ‘pop managment’ is rubbish and [deleted by the Libel Pirate, who says: “Yarrr, that be potentially libellous, that be.”]