Passing thoughts

A few odds and sods that don’t justify a full blog post each:

* Just because 99% of the spam in the world seems to be fake emails from eBay doesn’t mean eBay isn’t also emailing you. Turns out that in August, somebody hacked my account and attempted to sell thousands of fake designer handbags. eBay spotted it and stopped it, but the first I realised was when I tried to login today so I could list thousands of fake designer handbags.

* Hauppage have very kindly let me borrow their Win-TV Nova-T 500 TV card, which is a twin-tuner, Freeview-friendly telly card for PCs that also supports digital radio. It’s really rather clever, and while the RRP’s around £99 I’ve seen it online for sixty-something. Nice.

* I’ve borrowed a Logitech 250 USB headset for various podcasting-related tomfoolery, and I’m quite impressed: the headset mic manages to make me sound like PJ O’Rourke, if PJ had a weird Scots/Irish accent, said “um” a lot and loosed the odd expletive. Decent sound, comfy ear bits, not too pricey: street price is around £22. Good for Skype and things like that.

* iPod video and iTunes 7. Anybody else getting mysterious -49 syncing errors for no good reason, even when you’ve told iTunes to skip your video clips? Pain in the arse…