I’m in ur blog, killing ur tragic attempt at viral marketing. D00dz.

[Alternative title: “We don’t work for Sony,” say people working for Sony]

This is brilliant: a marketing firm sets up a PSP blog to do the viral thing for Sony’s PSP, and promptly gets pwn3d (as I believe internet kids say). But the creators won’t admit it:

YO stop SPammin my BLOG… da psp is pwn, if u cant feel da flow then step off hatas

And all because the marketing firm forgot to disguise its domain registration.

The full, amusing story – along with highlights – is at the rarely-safe-for-work UKResistance.





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  1. The boys were having some kind of argument with their father about whatever it was and after he conceded defeat James shouted, “Ha! You’ve been pwn3d, Old Man!”

    Kids today…

    I don’t actually understand any of the rest of the post, sorry.

  2. This reminds me of something I have been meaning to ask you about….

    Is your blog viral marketing? I have the strangest urge to buy a Gary Marshall….

    I don’t even know what that is. :(

  3. Gary

    Sadly the range of Gary Marshall action figures – they sit on their arse! They drink beer! They’re unhealthily obsessed with Girls Aloud! – won’t be available in time for Christmas due to a raid on my child labour-using, environmentally unsound sweatshop logistical problems.

  4. Can I go one better than Ms. Mac here. I’ve not understood any of this post at all. Does this show that I am finally mature enough to be out of touch?

  5. Gary

    I think it proves that unlike me, you’re not suffering from extended adolescence.

  6. tm

    In a weird reversal of the phenomena beign discussed here, last Friday my mum spotted the fairly large box I was carrying and correctly identifed it as a Wii. Putting her in as close touch with popular culture as she has been since about 1972.

  7. Gary

    One of the UKR commenters made an interesting point: what if the marketing firm had been hired by Nintendo instead of Sony? Maybe there’s a business opportunity for creating inept virals that make the competition look bad.

  8. mupwangle

    I actually have wii tennis elbow today.

  9. As soon as I read on Penny Arcade that there were queues round the block at E3 to see the Wii, I knew that Sony had blown it. Their increasingly desperate attempts to salvage something from the ongoing disaster that they have lately become, serves only to increase the rate of said disaster, and would be funny if not so disgustingly pathetic.

    Meanwhile, best comment on the Fake Steve blog: “The people at Apple were going wild when they heard that the evil dictator was dead. You should have seen their faces when they realised it was all about some Pinochet dude.”

  10. Gary

    I do think Nintendo’s tinged with genius – even I want a Wii, and I’m hardly a gamer – but I wouldn’t underestimate the sheer power of an installed user base. People with PS2s are still going to want the PS3, and most of them don’t know of Sony’s various woes. It’ll come down to price, really. I think Sony’s made a big mistake on the Blu-Ray front, and a big mistake on pricing, but if PS3s sell at discount they’ll still sell lots.

    Sony as a company, though… it just seems to shoot itself in the foot again and again and again.

    Tangent: I remember reading somewhere that no games console maker has been on top for multiple generations – so what Sony did to its rivals, its rivals are now doing to Sony. Wish I had a link for that.

    You should have seen their faces when they realised it was all about some Pinochet dude.