Ho ho ho


It seems that everyone is already winding down for Xmas, so this is probably a good time to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a riotous Hogmanay and a happy and successful 2007.

[Photo by David]

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David, I’ve replaced the image with the linked flickr one but it doesn’t seem any sharper. Maybe the image uploader’s doing some compression.

I was meaning just to replace it with the link rather than the image. Doesn’t really matter anyhoo.

I don’t think of Santa when I hear “Ho Ho Ho”. I immediately think “Green Giant”.


I seem to be getting Weasel a lot. I don’t think mine is destiny.

My caption would probably be “Just wait to see what I do when you run out of biscuit bribes”

> You should be reported to the RSPCA

The royal society for the protection of costumed animals?

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