Ho ho ho


It seems that everyone is already winding down for Xmas, so this is probably a good time to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a riotous Hogmanay and a happy and successful 2007.

[Photo by David]





0 responses to “Ho ho ho”

  1. mupwangle

    You’ve made it all blurry. Why not linky to http://farm1.static.flickr.com/134/325227423_58b96d0d98.jpg?v=0

  2. Merry Xmas :)

  3. Is that your dog? If so, I hope you find a turd in your slippers.

  4. Gary

    Wisnae me :)

  5. I was about to suggest we have a caption competition, but feel it’s redundant when the anti-spam word is “bark”.

  6. Gary

    “bitch and ho ho hos”?

  7. Gary

    David, I’ve replaced the image with the linked flickr one but it doesn’t seem any sharper. Maybe the image uploader’s doing some compression.

  8. mupwangle

    I was meaning just to replace it with the link rather than the image. Doesn’t really matter anyhoo.

    I don’t think of Santa when I hear “Ho Ho Ho”. I immediately think “Green Giant”.


  9. And “bark” again. Must be destiny.

    My caption would be “Oh, now what?”

  10. Callum

    You should be reported to the RSPCA

  11. mupwangle

    I seem to be getting Weasel a lot. I don’t think mine is destiny.

    My caption would probably be “Just wait to see what I do when you run out of biscuit bribes”

  12. Gary

    > You should be reported to the RSPCA

    The royal society for the protection of costumed animals?

  13. mupwangle

    Prevention of costuming animals, you fool.