eBay: Dianaballs

With crushing inevitability, eBay’s pulling auctions of tickets for the Diana concert. eBay says it’s out of respect for the dead Di, but of course it’s out of respect for eBay’s corporate image: if the usual rentagobs hadn’t caused a blizzard of publicity – “eBay’s profiting from cloth-eared sentimentalists!” – they’d have left the auctions up.

This annoys me immensely because loads of charity gigs are touted on eBay, and the firm doesn’t give a toss. It also annoys me because the very existence of eBay means that, unless you’re very quick and very lucky, already-overpriced gigs are even more expensive.

I’d be more impressed by eBay’s response to the Diana furore if it didn’t spend its adwords budget on things like this: