One of the things I really don’t like about myself is the way that really big bad stuff – poverty, war, cheery things like that – doesn’t really get under my skin, because it’s too much to take in. Unfunny twats on YouTube, on the other hand, make me so angry I can’t see. I’m not proud of it, but hey.

So… the SmashMyPS3 chaps. What hilarity! For those of you who, unlike me, actually have lives, you may have missed this one. Basically two hilarious chaps get hold of an ultra-rare PS3 on launch day and then they smash it to bits! In front of all the people queuing for PS3s! Oh, my aching sides!

What really bugs me about it – even more than the fact various internet types paid them nearly $700 to do it -  is the air of smugness that pervades the whole thing: the “wacky” costumes, the “zany” grins, the “ooh, we’re so edgy” attitude typified by the quote: “It was like a social experiment to see people’s reaction”. Wouldn’t it have been great if the assorted fan boys had risen up en masse, beaten them senseless and shoved the pulverised PS3 up their unfunny arses? Now that, I’d pay to see.