Recommendations: wireless headphones?

God, I’m writing some exciting headlines today… anyway, I’m just looking for a bit of advice. Winter is the season for console gaming, but unfortunately I usually want to fire up the Xbox late at night when my better half is in bed. For some strange reason, Liz doesn’t appreciate the sound of gunfire, grenades and spaceships when she’s trying to get some sleep. So can anyone recommend a decent (and not desperately expensive) pair of wireless headphones? Ideally something reasonably lightweight, with a transmitter that isn’t the size of a brick and without stupid ear bits that won’t fit on your head if you wear specs.

Any suggestions appreciated.





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  1. I don’t think your stated use requirements fall into the Penny Arcade approved scenarios, and so I am unable to give you a recommendation.

  2. I’ve been through a few sets of wireless h/phones and hated them all for one reason or another.

    Get a set of ‘wired’ headphones. And lots of cable.

    You’ll never have the interference from the PC/Radio/Sat/Fridge nor will you have to give up a night of gun-totting bloodsports because you’ve forgotten to charge ’em or the batteries have died and you don’t have any spare. Or you can’t find the headphones!

  3. Gary

    I’d rather avoid cables if I can – I sit pretty far away from the TV and I suspect that the dog would try to chew the cable. Would bluetooth phones be an option?

  4. I tried some Bluetooth headphones. I got a refund on the grounds that they were worse than a cheap radio strapped to a pylon. I also have some wireless headphones — supposedly fairly good ones — and agree with Ben: they’re shit.

    Have you thought of spraying the cable with something dogs hate? Have you discovered anything that labradors avoid eating?

  5. Gary

    Ach, it’s not just the dog-eating risk, it’s the clutter. I’ve got quite enough cabling behind the TV already (xbox, dvd, sky, mac mini) and don’t want to add to it. But if the wireless phones are crap…

    I did have a pair of wireless ones before, and they were all right (Sonys), but they were really uncomfortable.