Gears of War “quite successful”

1 million copies sold in two weeks. Bloody hell.





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  1. But the BBC don’t like it so I’m taking it back.

    I’m actually totally stuck. Have to get past 3 boomers and then some elephant-sized locust appears and squishes you.


  2. According to it’s the 16th best game like, ever.

  3. Gary

    I’m in the mines.

    Apparently they’re already working on the sequel: Gears of Tyne & Wear. You play Fenix again, but this time you’re on the pull in Newcastle nightclubs…

  4. You met the corpser yet?

  5. Gary

    Don’t think so. It’s been talked about but I don’t think I’ve encountered it (I’m currently down in the depths, looking for a pumping station or summat).

  6. Aye. It’s round there somewhere.