Pop music today, you can’t make out the words, blah blah blah (Google video).
I know I’m late to this, but other than the obvious – it’s miles better than anything 50 Cent or Sean Paul have done or will ever do – I’ve no idea of the backstory. I’m assuming it’s a big joke. Isn’t it?






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  1. If you’re late to it, then I must have turned up when everyone’s packed up and gone home. But I think I’m good with that. I showed it to the children though and now I’m sorry.

  2. I think Scott Mills is to blame and it is a big joke. Fun for 30 seconds and then it gets as irritating as Crazy Frog.

  3. david

    I’m not sure about mills’ involvement. Certainly playing it every day on his show has made it more popular over here. By all accounts it was a big holiday-type thing in the caribbean (think superman, las ketchup, macarena, et al) which had people talking about it on their return. Inevitably these things will show up sooner or later on youtube or the like. Due to being on a course all last week and mills being off on charity TV (and youtube/google video being firewalled) I’ve managed to miss it so far.

  4. david

    OK. Had to look. That is truly bad.

    Apparently the folk behind it wrote the tune and the melody ages ago but never got round to writing words – hence the mumbling.

  5. Gary

    The mumbling’s uncannily similar to Ross Noble’s impression of 50 Cent.

    /makes gurning face with eyeballs rolled upwards

  6. OMG, i love this video, i could not stop laughing .. seriously , anytime i need a laugh i’ll watch it.

  7. Gary

    It’s certainly more entertaining than most of the stuff on the music channels :)