Further to the comment spam post a few days ago, the level of junk’s got increasingly silly (cleared lots of spam last night, another 50-odd waiting for me this morning). So I’ve added Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam system, which seems to be one of the more elegant anti-spam efforts. It shouldn’t make a difference if you’re registered – you can ignore the word recognition thing – but non-registered users need to type the appropriate word to leave a comment. Sorry, it’s a pain, but the spam’s taking up too much of my time.





0 responses to “Anti-spam”

  1. david

    How do you register then?

  2. Gary

    There’s a “register” link on the front page – last box on the right hand side. No idea if it works or not :)

  3. That does seem to work, although it gives you absolutely no indication that anything is different until you post. You don’t need to type your name or anything.

  4. Gary

    Yeah, I can make that compulsory but I don’t see the need for it.

  5. Where did you get the word list from as it is a bit surreal.

  6. Gary

    I may have changed the default words.

  7. Gary

    Well, it seems to have worked – 50-odd spam yesterday, zero spam today. Thanks for your patience with this.