A picture speaks a thousand words, most of them creepy

This is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen: a site that offers to retouch your kids’ photos to make them look better. And by better, I mean “like creepy undead animatronic spookmonsters from the planet Eek”.

[Via Something Awful, whose forum goons have upset the site owner]





0 responses to “A picture speaks a thousand words, most of them creepy”

  1. david

    They manage to make ugly people look even worse. Nice.

  2. Yes, lipstick and eyeshadow added to photos of two year-old girls. How, er, nice.

  3. Callum

    Looks like something from the original ‘House of Wax’ movie. very freeky, How this person makes money from doing this I don’t know, even I could do a better job with paint shop

  4. I like the “replaced mouth” efforts. When I say “like”, obviously I mean “horrified by”

  5. Gary

    It’s so wrong, we need new words to describe it. Like “wronger” and “wrongest”.

  6. Seems to be part of the very sick “child beauty pageant” subculture. You know, the one where a mother hired a hitman to murder a rival of her daughter.

  7. Gary

    Yeah. I can’t make up my mind if such pageants are creepy, disturbing or plain wrong. I suspect the answer is – all of the above.

  8. Gary

    Tangent: Drop Dead Gorgeous, which takes the piss out of teen pageants, made me laugh so hard beer came out of my nose.

  9. I haven’t seen that. But I think most children tend to be sufficiently sensitive about their appearance already without being judged in public. Also, it just reeks of parents living through their children. I think they should be banned. Children are not capable of consenting to this, and their parents should know better.

  10. Gary

    There was a skit in the infamous brasseye episode where proud parents invested in breast implants for their pre-teen to boost her chances of winning a pageant. It was too close to the truth to be truly funny, IMO.

  11. i wasn’t going to add anything as it’s all been said already and i agree.

    but the word veri was ‘pants’ so i just couldn’t resist.

    sorry :)

  12. Gary

    Heh. Good reason.