You know you’ve been at the computer too long

When you see this headline:

Man plunged to death at sex party

And assume the story involves one of these:






0 responses to “You know you’ve been at the computer too long”

  1. Or even something else with potentially powerful suction.

  2. Thanks, my monitor needed a dousing in tea! ;)

  3. Gary

    Do you ever get that thing where you look at a word and it stops looking like a word? “Plunged” is one of them – after a few seconds it just looks weird.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  4. david

    I always had issues with London.

  5. Yeah, I get that with loads of words. “Does” has never looked right.

    Any word becomes just a ridiculous noise if you keep saying it out loud for a while.

  6. Gary

    “word” is another one that gets weird fast.

  7. That’s so like, deep, man…

    Hey man, pass the spliff, man…

  8. david

    Word only gets weird for me when spoken. It becomes wurrd or something.

  9. >>Or maybe that’s just me.
    What? The longer we look at you…