Things that shouldn’t bug me

People Who Capitalise Every Single Word In Their Message Board Posts Or Blog Comments. And people Who Only capitalise the Odd Word, Apparently at random and

use Line breaks For No good







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  1. david

    I love people who write their names or nicknames online LiKe ThIs or oOo ThiS oOo because the world needs more wacky.

  2. Thing’s that bug me:

    “Visit our myspace..” (cos we’re too cheap to buy a website, but we want to look cool..)

    People who ramble on messageboard without any sense of capital letters for “I” or write 500+ words without so much as a full stop, far less a parargraph.

    And people who write in all lowercase (like the strange initial capitals), intercut with a random ‘lol’.

    And people who sign messageboard posts with their name and kisses (argh, hate kisses). (Isn’t that what the usernames are far?)



  3. lol u gyz r so l4m3 like y dontu c wot me & my homies r doin like were so 1337 it hurtz d00d

  4. Laura

    Funny, I was wondering about the whole upper/lowercase mixing thing recently – does it mean something ‘special’ if yOu WRitE youR seNtEnCEs LikE ThIs? (that hurts my eyes, actually). I’ve noticed far too many instances of it recently.

    Seriously, is there something I’ve missed here or is it just sheer knobery? I’d like to know!

    I don’t like ‘lol’ either, mainly because that’s my nickname and I get all confused at the best of times.

    I don’t know why you feel it shouldn’t bug you though, Gary, because it’s all just wrong. You’re quite right to feel annoyed.

  5. david

    >>Seriously, is there something I’ve missed here or is it just sheer knobery? I’d like to know!

    Dunno. My guess is the latter.

  6. david

    Gary, completely unrelated, but after coming here and then meeting you in real life, are people disappointed that you aren’t bright blue?

  7. Gary

    That, and I’m not actually a giant disembodied head.

  8. david

    More a bust since you clearly have shoulders.

  9. Ben

    You mean he’s not bright-blue? Pffft, I’m so disappointed! Perhaps Gary is more of a bust. *titters*

    Although I’m sure he’s been bright green often enough on a Sunday morning… ;-)