Sony boss: our rivals’ consoles are too expensive at half the price of a PS3

What on earth are they putting in Sony’s coffee? The firm’s Australian MD tied himself in knots in an interview with The Age newspaper, nicely summarised by the Inquirer:

Ephraim said that to have a good Wii you need shedloads of accessories and this makes it cost about $372. He said that $372 was a bit too much for your average Aussie family to fork out for a console, so he expects his PS2 machine to compete well against both it and the more expensive Xbox 360.

…There is little necessity to remind Ephraim that when the PS3 ships it will cost the average punter between $610 and $745.






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  1. david

    Realistically the PS3 and the 360 are roughly the same price like for like but with the 360 you aren’t *forced* to spend the extra $200 for an HD drive.

  2. >>Ephraim said that to have a good Wii

    :-) I’m never gonna tire of this. (I watched all three series of Bottom back-to-back last weekend.)

  3. tm

    Can’t say I ever needed any accessories to have a good wii…

    Boom boom!

    Anyway, but where does he get the idea that to have a good PS3 you’re not going to end up buying loads of accessories? or for a 360 for that matter? Isn’t that *supposed* to be part of the marketing strategy for all of the consoles?

    You can’t point at a strategy and say ‘that sucks!’ when you follow basically the same one yourself…

  4. I’ve still got my Megadrive somewhere.

  5. I’m dying for a Wii.