Quote me unhappy

You learn something new every day. Yesterday, I learnt that from an insurance point of view, being a named driver on your partner’s policy is utterly useless.

The very short version: in September 2004, I had a seven-year no claims discount with Esure. No claims discounts are important, especially if you’re a hack – the classification “journalist” includes fearless types who cover big scary things and who are therefore high risk, and there’s no sub-class for “unshaven tech hack who blathers about iPods from the comfort of his dressing gown and doesn’t leave the house for days at a time”.

Anyway. Two years and two weeks ago, we replaced the car. The new one was in my wife’s name, so I became a named driver on her (Esure) insurance. That’s a pain in the arse, though – I deal with car stuff, usually, and if the car’s in your partner’s name then no firm will talk to you because you’re not the policyholder – so the Saab’s registered to me.

You’d think that, as I’m currently insured with Esure and was with Esure with my last car, I’d get a decent no claims discount. Nope. The problem is Esure’s 2-year time limit, I was told. Had we changed the car last month, I’d have got a full seven-year NCD. Because I’m two weeks late, I don’t even get a bit of paper with “piss off” written on it.

Direct Line’s running ads at the moment which trumpet its love of named drivers, so I called them. The love of named drivers only applies if you’re a named driver on a Direct Line policy. Arse. And other insurers don’t love named drivers either. Double arse.

In the end, I called Norwich Union. Named driver? No bother. They can’t give me the full discount, but they’ll give me five years – and allow me to protect it, so a prang won’t wipe it out altogether. And they were cheaper than Esure.

As much as I loathe the “quote me happy” ads, they did indeed quote me happy. Or at least, as happy as you can get when you’re dealing with bloody insurance.





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  1. david

    How do you think I feel? Named driver for 11 years on one policy (one accident 9 years ago) and main driver of a company car for 6 years (doing 12,000 miles a year) and no claims. Buy a car – doesn’t count. Buy another car – only one year NCD. Have an accident – no no claims again.

  2. Gary

    It’s bollocks, isn’t it?

  3. Elephant gave me a full no claims simply because Vic was already insuring another car with them. Which was nice.

  4. david

    Esure agreed to insure me when I worked for them (despite their 4 year rule) but it was ridiculously expensive.

    I’m currently with Bell who were cheaper than NU (my previous insurer) despite losing my one year NCD.

  5. I’m with Adrian Flux. Their poster reassured me that they would welcome safe, careful drivers like myself:


  6. Gary

    Haha :)