PETA: twats

New ad campaign from PETA:






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  1. I think it’s wonderful. It was probably pushed through by the “grassroots” who “refused to compromise their principles” but it just lets anyone who isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid see just how fucked up your view becomes if you do drink it.

  2. Gary

    It’s probably an urban myth, but I remember hearing they’d tried to stop Scandinavians hunting a mythical sea monster.

  3. Since it’s PETA, I doubt that’s an urban myth.

    They tried to bribe the North American town of Fishkill to change its name to Fishsave. Really. “Kill” means “stream”.

  4. David

    And obviously they’ll target Scotland to save all the poor little Birnies, Brides, Marnocks, Maurs and Malcolms.