Is it because they is white (supremacists)?

Didn’t see this in the papers:

A FORMER British National Party member has been accused of possessing the largest amount of chemical explosives of its type ever found in the country.

…62-year-old retired dentist David Bolus Jackson, of Trent Road, Nelson, was charged with similar offences. It has been reported that police discovered a rocket launcher, a nuclear biological suit, chemicals and BNP literature.





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  1. david

    What is a bit odd is that they’re apparently being charged under the Explosives Substances Act not anti-terrorism laws.

  2. Gary

    Might turn out to be a non-story… police are saying the bloke wasn’t a terrorist, it wasn’t a bomb factory, he just had loads of things that together might be a bomb. Or something.


  3. tm

    But that applies to anyone who has a Deisel vehicle and simple fertilizer – the entire farming population for a start.

    In fact it probably applies to quite a few cupboards full of domestic cleaning products as well.

    Presumably this guy had to be doing something more than just having all this stuff to attrach this kind of attention.

  4. Absolutely. It’s not like the police would waste their time harassing an innocent person.