A passing thought

If someone has a deep and abiding love of Volvos, Abba, Ikea, pine furniture and saunas, would that make them a Swede-ophile?





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  1. tm

    Isn’t that the same thing as a turnip-ophile?

    I’m sorry, I can’t appologise enough…

  2. Gary

    You’ve just made a joke that’s *worse than one of mine*.

    I think you should think about that.

  3. > would that make them a Swede-ophile?

    No, it would make them a fucking idiot.

  4. david

    If you’re using that type of crap logic then surely Swedish means a bit like a turnip.

  5. tm

    But swedish *does* mean a bit like a turnip.

    It means like a swede – whatever a swede is. And a swede can be either a root vegetable or a person from sweden.

    Can we stop this now?

  6. david

    The problem here is Eurovision, where there are an awful lot of entries that look like turnips.

  7. Did you hear about the vegetarian canibal?
    He’d only eat Swedes.

    I’ll get me coat. Oh, hang on; I’m already wearing it. It’s fucking freezing in this office.

  8. david

    Take your coat off before making bad jokes. You know it makes sense.