Something kinda woo

Hello, hello, it’s good to be back. Apart from the massive amounts of comment spam, junk emails, letters from the taxman and other joyous things to wade through. So while I get on with housekeeping, a few quick thoughts:

* The forthcoming Girls Aloud single, Somethin’ Kinda Oooh, is one of the funniest pop songs I’ve heard in ages. If it doesn’t go to number one, the country’s in worse shape than I thought.

* Vauxhall makes an Astra Estate with a 1.4 litre petrol engine which, even when there’s only the driver in it, often needs first gear to get up hills. Given that estate cars are designed for lugging loads, I can only assume that the 1.4 Astra estate is designed for the small but important group of people who need lots of room to transport fully inflated helium balloons. Or ghosts.

* Dolphins are cool. And by cool, I mean really, really cool.

* Now that Casio’s added RSI-friendly anti-shake processing to its Exilim range, its titchy wee cameras are utterly superb. Especially if you want to take photos of dolphins. Which are cool.

* Flying sucks, and each time I fly it seems that the experience sucks that little bit more. I really don’t think it’s just that I’m getting older and more curmudgeonly (I was curmudgeonly in playschool, I suspect).

And that’s it for now. But enough about me. How’s you? Had a good week? I must say you’re looking very well…