Something kinda woo

Hello, hello, it’s good to be back. Apart from the massive amounts of comment spam, junk emails, letters from the taxman and other joyous things to wade through. So while I get on with housekeeping, a few quick thoughts:

* The forthcoming Girls Aloud single, Somethin’ Kinda Oooh, is one of the funniest pop songs I’ve heard in ages. If it doesn’t go to number one, the country’s in worse shape than I thought.

* Vauxhall makes an Astra Estate with a 1.4 litre petrol engine which, even when there’s only the driver in it, often needs first gear to get up hills. Given that estate cars are designed for lugging loads, I can only assume that the 1.4 Astra estate is designed for the small but important group of people who need lots of room to transport fully inflated helium balloons. Or ghosts.

* Dolphins are cool. And by cool, I mean really, really cool.

* Now that Casio’s added RSI-friendly anti-shake processing to its Exilim range, its titchy wee cameras are utterly superb. Especially if you want to take photos of dolphins. Which are cool.

* Flying sucks, and each time I fly it seems that the experience sucks that little bit more. I really don’t think it’s just that I’m getting older and more curmudgeonly (I was curmudgeonly in playschool, I suspect).

And that’s it for now. But enough about me. How’s you? Had a good week? I must say you’re looking very well…





0 responses to “Something kinda woo”

  1. david

    Somethin’ kinda ooh is actually quite rubbish.

  2. Derek

    Flying only sucks when it’s with Easyjet . . .

    My work usually book us on BMI and other decent quality airlines, but I had to go with Easyjet on Friday as they were the only ones who fly to Stansted. They were 30mins late on the way down, resulting in my having to put back a whole day of training sessions I was doing and I therefore didn’t have any food until 2.30pm after being up since 4.30am! Then, on the way back, the flight was 1hour 15mins late because we had to get transferred to another plane. Our original plane was surrounded by six fire engines when the refueling truck pulled away from the plane while still attached to it, spilling fuel everywhere and ripping the filling valve/cap/etc. right off the side of the plane! Clever, eh? Grrrrrr!

    I will never, ever, ever fly with Easyjet again!

  3. Gary

    David, you have no ears :)

    > Flying only sucks when it’s with Easyjet . . .

    Nah, it sucks when it’s international. Ryanair IMO are even worse (really long story but the gist: stranded in france and would have had to wait a *week* to get home if I hadn’t flown back with another airline), but most relatively cheap airlines are a nightmare: cramped, hot and constantly trying to sell you scratchcards and other crap.

  4. david

    As crap airlines go – jet2 haven’t been too bad so far.

  5. tm

    Everyone I’ve heard of who has flown with jet2 has mentioned how cramped the seats are – and I’m talking about short people who have experience of flying ryan air – and we all known that flying ryan air is a fantasic advert for every other airline on earth, heck I’d rather go korean.

  6. david

    I thought the seats were OK. At least they seemed to be attached to the plane a bit more firmly than with Ryanair.

  7. tm

    ryanair gave you a seat? Judging from their public pronouncements I assumed they’d stopped doing that by now…

  8. Gary,

    You went flying with dolphins? For a whole week?

  9. Anyone ever flown United Airlines before? I’m flying with them to America in a few weeks and have only went with [spit] Continental in the past.

  10. tm

    Haven’t flown with them, but they did used to have a terrible rep. They used to partner with BA and people were horrified when they transferred from BA onto United domestic service – and this was back when BA were baaaaaaad indeed.

    having said that – it was some time ago so they might have got a lot better. And to be fair most of the big american lines aren’t particularly great service wise, but they tend not to be actually un-bearable either in my expericence.

  11. I flew UA last year. Wasn’t a great luxurious experience or anything, but no real complaints (even with delays due to O’hare being snowed in). Although the internal flights were near easyjet pile-em-high standards.

    The most alarming thing being that they rearranged the seatinf so the bloke wiht the huge carry-on luggage could get the sace in front of the fire exit to put it in.