Six-word film review escapes from underneath Deadline Mountain

Children of Men is pretty good.

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Really? I saw a trailer and it looked a bit rubbish.

Clive Owen – bad sign. Plot that several computer games have done before – bad sign. Dogs barking at people in trailer – very bad sign.

Then I discovered that it is based on a book by PD James – eeck! Disater warning, and no doubt any amount of religeon lurking in there waiting to get out.

Still given that I think I’m going to have to take Carolyn to see it, I sincerly hope you’re right.

Funny that you mention computer games – I spent a lot of the film thinking “Half-Life 2”. Not the plot, more the look of it.

Classy take on distopia? You can do worse than HL2 and it’s a lot more imersive than any film of course. It also bothers to have a reason *why* women can’t have children – I saw some reviews saying the film rather parked that issue.

I saw V for vendetta recently and it was quite good at this too – for a film ;-). it even had me going ‘wow that looked cool’ something which the matrix films completely failed to make me do.

I have long applied a rule that any film with dogs barking at people in cages in the trailer (more common than you’d think, you know) is going to be rubbish. It has served me well…

I believe the title is taken direct from the book and therefore is a PD James religeous reference (as opposed to the Children of God – geddit?). Bleh!

Actually I didn’t say anything about religeous reference in films, I was talking about PD James. And I didn’t say there was anything wrong with them – I’m allowed to not like them though aren’t I?

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