Slow news day

As you’ve probably spotted, I’m fascinated by some of the non-stories in the Evening Times. And this is a particularly good example:

FAVOURITE TV crime thriller Rebus has asked a Scots firm to help out behind the scenes with their latest series.

Products made by Rearo Laminates, of Govan, are being used to brighten sets of the latest production of the show which is currently being filmed… And viewers with an eye for detail will be able to see Rearo’s products dotted throughout scenes.

Rearo managing director Graham Mercer said: “Recently our branch in south west England was asked to supply panels to make realistic toilet cubicles for an episode of Casualty. I can only suppose they came to us because we had previously supplied wall lining systems for Bristol Royal Infirmary.”

… Sue Morrison production buyer for Rebus said: “We went to Rearo Laminates for some surfacing for the walls and doors of one of our Glasgow sets.”

And to think, I’d have missed the story altogether if I’d bought another newspaper! Thank you, Evening Times!






0 responses to “Slow news day”

  1. You buy the evening times?

  2. Gary

    Oh god no.

  3. Although it is a terribly parochial newspaper, I do appreciate their constant frustration at Glasgow’s transport industry. It has enough readers to make companies like First Bus stand up and take notice and that can only be a good thing.

  4. Gary

    Yeah. It’s basically a local paper with more readers, which sometimes means it can do good.

    The letters page is usually scary, though.

  5. tm

    See also the manchester evening news. It’s actually scary how similar it and the evening times are.

  6. My search for a new cubicle lining is now complete – hurrah for slow news days! Now, if only I could find out who supplies lino to the makers of “Keeping Up Appearances” my day would be truly wondrous.