Scotland.come off it

Christ on a bike, if these are the best Scots sites the Sunday Mail could come up with then the country’s in worse shape than I thought.

The Sunday Mail couldn’t resist the temptation to put their own site in the list, presumably because it’s the only way anyone will say anything nice about it. It’s a truly horrible, unfriendly disaster that I’d suggest was the work of blind, crack-addled baboons if such a claim wasn’t unfair to blind, crack-addled baboons.

Anybody want to suggest scots sites that *don’t* suck? I’ll offer Hidden Glasgow for starters.






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  1. The Sunday Mail isn’t even one of the best Sunday newspapers in Scotland…

  2. Gary

    Heh. Indeed.

  3. They certainly have an innovative approach to hyphenation:

    Franz Ferdinand were one of the first bands to understand the power of the net with a custom- A fascinating record of the fondly-remembered Glasgow Apollo includes fans’ gig memories, interviews and listings. built site featuring their own blogs, pics and the group’s latest news.

  4. Gary

    Oh, I know. Don’t know if it’s the same in the printed version, but the subbing on the online version is appalling.

  5. Mr. Mac

    I love how they post a list of links to the “best” Scottish websites but the man who does their webpages doesn’t know how to insert hyperlinks for any of them.

    Perhaps they’re doing their bit to promote cut ‘n’ paste or *shudders* typing awareness in Scotland.

  6. clmac

    Lets face it, It’s the Sundy Mail, and probaly has a main readership of people over 60, Who wouldn’t know any better.

    ‘The internet, whats that son? ‘

  7. jackgringo

    Good shout for!

  8. Gary

    I love that site.