Possibly sent to the wrong email address

Just arrived in my inbox:


The same email also contains:

An Open Letter To
Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Dunno why it’s been sent to me. Everyone knows Osama subscribes to ComputerActive.

13 thoughts on “Possibly sent to the wrong email address

  1. tm says:

    mate, didn’t know where else to post this, but the comment updates and adverty bit at the side of your blog don’t seem to work here. Only on the front page though – if I go to a particular post it works fine.

    I think D might have mentioned this before.

    Is it because one of your posts has a URL that turns out to be a long line further down the page?

  2. tm says:

    ‘fraid not. the URL still extends, the side bit still doesn’t appear. The same thing happens if I go into the individual post with the URL so I think it’s definitley related to that.

  3. david says:

    Actually on mine it does show up but because of the long links it appears at the very, very bottom. I only worked that out an hour ago.

  4. tm says:

    oh yeah! so it does. I had noticed the legnth of time it was taking the page to load – that must be why. It’s a whole lot of scrolling to get all the way down there though…

  5. tm says:

    Hmm, yeah my original post said ‘don’t seem to work here’.

    By ‘here’ I meant at work where I use IE for want of choice. But I didn’t say that anywhere. Whoops, sorry. ;-)

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