Possibly sent to the wrong email address

Just arrived in my inbox:


The same email also contains:

An Open Letter To
Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Dunno why it’s been sent to me. Everyone knows Osama subscribes to ComputerActive.





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  1. tm

    mate, didn’t know where else to post this, but the comment updates and adverty bit at the side of your blog don’t seem to work here. Only on the front page though – if I go to a particular post it works fine.

    I think D might have mentioned this before.

    Is it because one of your posts has a URL that turns out to be a long line further down the page?

  2. Gary

    I think it must be. I’ve done some quick template tweakery – has that fixed it?

  3. tm

    ‘fraid not. the URL still extends, the side bit still doesn’t appear. The same thing happens if I go into the individual post with the URL so I think it’s definitley related to that.

  4. Gary

    Must be. I’ll write more crap posts to blat it off the page :)

  5. david

    Actually on mine it does show up but because of the long links it appears at the very, very bottom. I only worked that out an hour ago.

  6. tm

    I’m sure that’ll be a real strain for you… ;-)

  7. tm

    oh yeah! so it does. I had noticed the legnth of time it was taking the page to load – that must be why. It’s a whole lot of scrolling to get all the way down there though…

  8. The ‘End’ key is your friend.

  9. tm

    what, take my hand off my mouse or put my coffee down while browsing?!? Never!

  10. tm

    yay for firefox, which happily formats the page correctly even with the long href below…

  11. Which explains why none of this discussion has meant anything to me.

  12. Yeah, that would be right, actually: IE expands boxes to fit their content, regardless of the boxes’ size attributes.

  13. tm

    Hmm, yeah my original post said ‘don’t seem to work here’.

    By ‘here’ I meant at work where I use IE for want of choice. But I didn’t say that anywhere. Whoops, sorry. ;-)