Crying wolf

I wanted to blog about my mixed reaction to the terror alert – mainly concern, but tinged with a bit of cynicism – but it seems that Mr Eugenides nailed it for me:

On balance I, like most others, would rather be safe than sorry. We’ll have to wait until the dust settles on this one before we can truly know just how close we were to disaster; sadly, it’s not impossible (though it seems unlikely) that this is another in a long line of false alarms. But in the meantime, our ongoing – and entirely justified – suspicion of the mendacious bastards that run this country might usefully be leavened with a healthy dose of gratitude at the vigilance of our security services. In this day and age, sadly, the state’s duty to protect its citizens is no mere philosophical conceit, but a day-to-day reality, and it is increasingly the security services, not the armed forces, which are at the front line in this [very real] war. It’s not paranoia if they’re actually out to get you.