The Internet is broken, so let’s talk about Disco Dog

Why does the Internet always break when you’re on deadline? I don’t know whether it’s my ISP, the US power outages or evil space gremlins, but I’m getting nowt when I try various big-name sites – mainly .coms (including Google) but also .co.uks.

Given that I can’t actually get any work done just now, I might as well blog about Disco Dog.

I bought a frisbee for Megan the Destroyer today, and rather than the usual Tesco Value ones (which she either destroys or sinks) I decided to get one from the pet shop. Enter Disc-o-dog, a frisbee that’s designed to be easy for dogs to pick up. It’s great, but the best thing about it is the name.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a superhero called Disco Dog? He would be a kind of shaggy Shaft, or maybe a blaxploitation Labrador. Every week people would find themselves in mortal peril, but then Disco Dog would appear (in a blast of wah-wah guitar and some funk bass, of course), throw some Disco moves and bite the baddies. And then everyone would say “thank you, Disco Dog!” and let him nuzzle their crotches.

I’d watch it religiously. It’d be like Hong Kong Phooey, but even better.





0 responses to “The Internet is broken, so let’s talk about Disco Dog”

  1. Sounds like a hit to me. Find an agent and get pitching.

  2. David

    Please, someone fix Gary’s internet!!!

  3. Gary

    Too late! I’m writing a screenplay!

  4. Surely Disco Dog would appear in a blast of Giorgio Moroder keyboards and “boo-boo” syndrums? Wearing some tight nylon dog coat thing. You’re thinking of Funky Dawg.

    >>a kind of shaggy Shaft
    Very unpleasnat Scooby Doo related image in there.

  5. Gary

    I hadn’t thought of that. Ugh :-D

  6. Gary

    > You’re thinking of Funky Dawg.

    Nah, I had more of a Le Freak vibe going on in my head. Which has suggested the perfect plot and title: Disco Dog is framed and ends up in the dock for a crime he didn’t commit. Yes – it’s Disco Dog in… The Chic Dog Trials!

    /kills self

  7. Rosemary, your Operator

    BETTER than Hong Kong Phooey? That’s a big call.

  8. Gary

    Heh. It will be! Would I lie?

  9. Gary

    Damn, I’d posted that as Henry, the mild-mannered janitor, but WordPress saw through my flimsy disguise. Drat drat and double drat, as another cartoon character might put it.

    wanders off with “stop the pigeon” on the internal jukebox

  10. Someone called Disco Duck used to drink in a pub I frequented while I was at college. He wore a fluorescent yellow vest. I’m not sure if those two facts were in any way connected. And I don’t know whether that was the name on his passport, either.

  11. Gary

    Are you sure you heard him right? Maybe he was Disco Doc, the medical superhero who turns up in times of crisis to…


    I’ll stop now.

  12. You know, I hope you’re serious about that screenplay.