The Internet is broken, so let’s talk about Disco Dog

Why does the Internet always break when you’re on deadline? I don’t know whether it’s my ISP, the US power outages or evil space gremlins, but I’m getting nowt when I try various big-name sites – mainly .coms (including Google) but also .co.uks.

Given that I can’t actually get any work done just now, I might as well blog about Disco Dog.

I bought a frisbee for Megan the Destroyer today, and rather than the usual Tesco Value ones (which she either destroys or sinks) I decided to get one from the pet shop. Enter Disc-o-dog, a frisbee that’s designed to be easy for dogs to pick up. It’s great, but the best thing about it is the name.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a superhero called Disco Dog? He would be a kind of shaggy Shaft, or maybe a blaxploitation Labrador. Every week people would find themselves in mortal peril, but then Disco Dog would appear (in a blast of wah-wah guitar and some funk bass, of course), throw some Disco moves and bite the baddies. And then everyone would say “thank you, Disco Dog!” and let him nuzzle their crotches.

I’d watch it religiously. It’d be like Hong Kong Phooey, but even better.