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Little thoughts

…none of which justifies an entire blog post:

* I traded in a bunch of 360 games at the weekend: PDZ (because it sucks), Ghost Recon (because it’s too difficult) and Far Cry: Predator (because I’ve already played it on Xbox and can’t be bothered with the new mission). Result? Nearly sixty quid, which I put to use by buying two pre-owned games. In the shiny, DRM-protected download future, I won’t be able to do that.

* Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is an hour too long, like every sodding film seems to be these days. At two and a half hours films stop being entertainment and become bladder abuse, with added numb-arse syndrome (and if you’re a smoker, thoughts of murder). As for the film itself, I was mildly entertained but can’t really remember anything about it. But – sad internet type that I am – I had to restrain myself from punching the air when the trailer for Snakes on a Plane appeared.

* There weren’t any anti-online-piracy ads before Pirates… a missed opportunity, not least because it would have been the first time I could have shouted “Yarrrrr” without being out of context.

* There were anti-fake-DVD ads though. At last they seem to have abandoned the “if you buy these, you’re funding Osama Bin Laden” approach and started stating the bleedin’ obvious: fake DVDs suck.

* Red Eye (Cillian Murphy film) is ace. And the DVD’s cheap.

* The new Thom Yorke and Muse albums are really rather good.

* Every time I hear Snow Patrol’s “Run”, I get really angry. I’ll come back to this soon.

* Prey (the game) is all right. If you like that sort of thing, it’s the sort of thing you’ll like.

* British men – me included – really can’t do summer clothes.

* Tim Dorsey has a new book out, The Big Bamboo. I’m halfway through it and it’s as demented as his other stuff.

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Well come on then, don’t keep us hanging on. Why does Run make you angry?

I hope it’s not just the obvious – That out of an album with a couple of good tracks and a lot of filler, the very worst track is the most famous.

I liked Final Straw when it first came out, but it fades further on me everytime I hear it. Its also a winter record – it fails miserably as soon as the sun comes out for some reason.

It bears an uncanny resemblance to an old Kasino song – one we put out in 2000 and played at every gig until late 2004. A certain snowy frontman was at several of those gigs.

Don’t get me wrong, what they’ve done with the tune is better than what we did with it. But still, they’ve made loads of cash from it, the bastards :)

Really? I’ll have to listen to it more closely. And then listent to that kasin CD I’ve got kicking about somewhere.

Stange too – I’ve heard plenty of kasino songs plenty of times yet I don’t feel the intense dislike of any of them that I have for Run. ;-)

Hmmm. My clock and your clock are *so* not in synch. Hence the comment ordering maddness above. Shouldn’t the time be based on when the server got the post? ;-)

Yeah, sorry, just spotted the clock wrong a few minutes ago and changed it. Should be OK now.

I’ve always loved long films. I really lose myself in films, so I’ll stay happily enthralled for as long as the director can enthrall me. So Lawrence Of Arabia is close to perfection, Dances With Wolves I actually thought was too short, and every single minute of The Blair Witch Project is a minute too much.

And I can do Summer clothes perfectly: I take my jacket off.

I was really looking forward to Pirates 2, as I generally like the stuff that Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot write, and I had great fun reading their online stuff last year when they were shooting it. But I have a slight problem with Johnny Depp; in most of his movies there comes a point for me when his shtick stops being funny and becomes faintly embarrassing. In Pirates 2 this point came very, very early. I struggled a bit to remain engaged after that. And some of Davy Jones’s men gave me the creeps: I hate looking at crabs and lobsters and things of that ilk.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the action scenes very much, especially the escape from the cannibals, and the fight scene on the water wheel. And I probably will go and see Pirates 3.

I went to see superman returns on saturday, at the imax in manchetser. Sadly the cinema broke halfway through.

Given that, like batman begins, the first half or even two thirds (who knows, I didn’t get to see) is completely taken up by setting the scene and trying to gloss over the two or three *really* bad films that have been made in between when this one is supposed to be and the last good one, I’m not really sure if it’s any good or not – you kind of have to see the whole to get the effect.

At least it didn’t have liam neeson in. Gaah! Can you imagine? having to watch liam neeson without at least the conolsation of seeing him bite it at the end? Oh, I feel ill…

I can’t bring myself to get enthusiastic about Superman – from the reviews, it sounds more like a remake than a film in its own right. Mind you, it’d have been good in imax – even a steven seagal film would be good in imax.

because its a hollywood blockbuster only some bits are in 3D, but during the first one of them there was a quite impressive 3D goat, I must admit.

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