Heh heh heh.

This week’s Private Eye has a cracking quiz answer from the Weakest Link:

Q: What is the name of the force that keeps the moon in earth’s orbit, stops us flying into space, etc etc etc?

A: Delta Force.





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  1. A recent favourite from the National Lottery Jet Set a few weeks back:

    Holmes (can’t spell Eammon, sorry):Who wrote Treasure Island?
    Contestant: Long John Silver

  2. Gary

    Haha :)

  3. My favourite ever was on Fun House. (Remember that? My God, but it was shite. I was very lucky to catch this one, actually, since I didn’t watch the show. Was flicking past and stopped just long enough to be gobsmacked by idiocy. Anyway.)

    Pat Bloody Sharpe: Who parted the waters of the Dead Sea?
    Stupid kid: Christopher Columbus.

  4. tm

    >Pat Bloody Sharpe

    Ah, all hail the proto-mullet! Do you remember when he was interviewed about collecting films? He talked about how he had thousands of films in his collection, then he was asked what his favourite was and he replied: Caddyshack.

    You’re a connoisseur pat, a real connoisseur…

  5. There was a cracker on Eggheads this week.

    Dermot: “Which chicken dish was named after a Napoleonic battle?”

    ‘Challenger’: “I don’t know why but I am going to have to say coq au vin.”

  6. Gary

    Haha, that’s superb.

  7. Yes I’m sorry Gary, they get worse, don’t they?