Cool census avoidance

This story from New Zealand made me laugh:

A census-objector claimed he was cryogenically frozen in a freezer and pronounced “legally dead” to avoid filling in yesterday’s census.

This morning he woke up in his own bed in his house truck with a splitting headache and slight cold but otherwise none the worse for wear after the stunt in Hamilton’s Garden Place.

As it was, Laird McGillicuddy Graeme Cairns had no census forms to fill in anyway, as he had recently moved into the house truck and had not been found by the census staff.

This was just the latest census-avoiding stunt for Mr Cairns. In 1986 he claimed he was possessed by the spirit of an ancient ape and was not legally a person. This failed in court.

In 1991 he filled out his form in Latin and nailed it to a tree. In 1996 he hovered over Garden Place in a hot air balloon and was deemed to be out of New Zealand’s legal air space. In 2001 he was genuinely absent, in Australia tending to a dying friend.

He now has five years to work on his next stunt, which he says could involve either time travel or hypnosis so he believed himself a turnip, not a person.