Blog weirdness

That’s the blog and the comments moved, but I don’t have time just yet to sort out categories and other goodies. Please excuse the dust…





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  1. david

    I can get this one to work on me phone now. I think it doesn’t handle RSS2 totally well (it is only a phone rather than a smartphone!) but it can handle the 0.92.

  2. Gary


  3. david

    Mind you, knowing exactly what you’re gibbering on about wherever I may be 24×7 is probably not top of my list of priorities in life. ;-D

  4. Gary

    Ah, but it should be.

  5. Aaaargh!!! Sort your style sheet! It’s like using ie.

  6. Gary

    Which bit?

  7. You been fiddling?

    The dates on the comments were HUGE when I was at work. As were the names. The former looks fine here at home, although the names could do with scaling ddown. But, that’s completely subjective. Will look again tomorrow if I get the time before jetting off to Sweden, on business (my complaining about always getting sent to Bellshill appears to have worked)

  8. Looking at that now, it’s just the linked names.

  9. Gary

    Yeah, I spotted the huge dates. Haven’t found the bit of the style sheet that has the big names though – it’s obviously a link thing, because names without emails seem to look all right. Blogroll hasn’t been finished yet either, hence the omission of your site…

    Sweden? Hope you’re getting booze on expenses, or bankruptcy looms…

  10. Looks great, Gary. I’ve been meaning to make the same move for a few months and should get round to it by Christmas 2028.

  11. Gary

    It’s much easier and much quicker than I anticipated, and it can obviously import blogger posts fine (and haloscan comments, with an add-on). If I hadn’t accidentally closed my browser mid-way through the blogger import, I reckon the whole process would have taken about five minutes, ten minutes tops.

  12. >>Hope you’re getting booze on expenses

    Mwah-ha-ha! Cower ye coonsil tax payers of Glasgow town…

  13. David

    Formatting looks a bit weird on a mobile. Doubt you care though.
    Ta for the amazon vouchers btw.

  14. tm

    Hmmm, so the old link still points to your old site. is this deliberate – is it going to move/disappear soon?

  15. Gary

    To be honest I haven’t had the time to think about it, although as WordPress has got the entire blog archive there’s no particular reason to keep the blogger one up. If I get the chance in the next couple of days I’ll bash together a redirect page at the old address.