A routine matter

Something terrible happened this morning: my newspaper arrived an hour late. I know it sounds daft, but it’s completely buggered up my day.

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point over the last few years I realised my mornings took a specific pattern – and if that pattern was disrupted, it cast a shadow over the whole day. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or just a weird brain thing, but each day I follow the same pattern: go downstairs, put on the coffee machine, grab the newspaper and then read it in a very specific order. So weekdays are the Guardian, and the order is:

* If it’s Monday, read MediaGuardian first; if it’s Thursday, Technology Guardian.
* Pick up the G2 supplement and read the back page first, then start from the beginning
* Pick up the main newspaper

On Saturdays, it’s:

* The Guide supplement
* The magazine
* The financial and business bits, and then
* The newspaper proper

And on Sundays, it’s:

* Sunday Times first: Style, then Culture, then money and business bits, then the Ecosse supplement, then the Driving supplement, then the paper proper, then News Review, and finally the paper proper
* Now, the Observer: magazine first, then business & media section, then the financial bits, then the weekend review, and finally the paper proper

I’m a bit like Rain Main in this respect: if we have guests and they grab a bit of the paper just as I’m due to read that particular section, it feels really weird if I skip a bit and read a different supplement. If the paper’s late (or on Sunday, if one of the papers doesn’t arrive, or a supplement is missing) then I end up mooching aimlessly around the house, and if I have to go out and get the paper mid-morning then it’s pretty much a waste of money, because I won’t be able to concentrate on it because the Paper Moment has passed.

I do the same with the Web, too: there’s a particular order in which I do things online, so I always start off by checking email and then looking at my various RSS feeds in a particular order – so reading Engadget before checking out my friends’ blogs, or reading MetaFilter before checking out The Register is a major no-no.

Do any of you have similar routines, or am I just weird?





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  1. When I’m in hte office, yeah. In fact, I never agree to a meeting before 10:30 (at the earliest) becasue I’ll be ratty and useless without. I’ve enven invented a script I need to rune every day to explain why I’m not doing anything – were anyone to ask.

    News site
    News site
    Rass Feeds and subsequent posts

    Time to offer to make coffee…

  2. Well, no routine of mine involves the poxy Guardian, let me assure you! ;-)

    But as you’ve explained, it’s the journo’s paper, so you’re forgiven. Again.

    I’m not totally rigid but I do tend to want to read the same blogs every lunchtime, and I do prefer to go and get a sandwich at 12pm and then eat it while reading my blogs, generally in the order in which they appear in Firefox’s Bookmarks menu.

    If I had time for a morning routine I would probably make and drink coffee, but as it is I just have a cup when I get into the office.

  3. I hate routine. Loathe it. Which makes it a bit of a bugger that I have a 9-to-5 job.