Mr Biffo on self-employment

I love Mr Biffo, in a heterosexual manly way of course. Today he’s writing about homeworking:

When you tell people you work from home, the first thing they usually ask is: “Don’t you find it difficult to get motivated?”

Well, yes. But that’s a given in any job. I’m no more distracted working from home than I’ve been whatever I’ve done. I used to spend my working days at Teletext throwing food across the office, and the few times I went into work at Wembley Stadium it was only to put my own face on the scoreboard, and take photos of it.

Thing is, I’m self-employed. If I don’t work I don’t get paid, and if I don’t get paid I can’t buy beer and comics, and that’s probably the biggest motivator you can get. Short of a large man in a leather harness, standing over you brandishing a threatening wooden paddle, that is.





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  1. That’s a great site, Gary. Very funny…

  2. Oh. I think I might know him. There can’t be that amny Paul’s that jacked in working for teletext to go freelance. Irony being he was a dour-faced git IMO. That blog’s quite amusing. Must check if it is him.

  3. Biffo’s great. He’s the main reason I subscribed to Edge.

  4. Tony, he was one of the Digitiser people on teletext if that’s any help…

  5. Checked it out. Not him. Helluva coincidence