This probably isn’t funny if you aren’t immature and Scottish

…but I am both!





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  1. Finding that funny, I contend, makes me an honorary Scot.

  2. Well, you were here long enough to go native :)

  3. anonymous_david

    My colleague was an extra in the 1975 mini-series “Joby” and can’t understand why I find it funny. ;-)

  4. Laura friend of Vic

    Ha ha. I’m so immature I even found it funny that the robot’s arms are brown! Ahem.

    One question though: how did you find this? Were you looking up rude words on Google ?

  5. Nah, it’s yet another dotcom launch. I saw it on a (US) tech blog where the headline “The Jobby Experiment” made me spit coffee through my nose.

  6. *sniggers*

  7. The big question, of course, is whether Jobby supports any IM protocols, such as, say, Jabber. Then a prospective candidate could let a prospective employer know they could Jobby Jabber him. (Not that they didn’t already know that, I suppose.)

  8. (Old Billy Connolly joke alert) Their email notification system could be called the Jobby Wheecher.