Redesign time again

I get sick of site designs very quickly, hence the new gurning face at the top of this blog. Sorry if it’s put any of you off your lunch.

As I’ve mentioned in the sidebar, the picture was taken by Glasgow photographer Iain McLean. He’s very good, and a nice bloke to boot. So if you need a snapper in Central Scotland…





0 responses to “Redesign time again”

  1. tm

    Well it was a bit of a shock, but that’s because I think it may be the only non-wedding photogrpah I’ve ever seen of you where you are actually full on smiling.

  2. I hate getting my photo taken.

  3. anonymous_david

    I may have jumped. Sorry.

  4. I know this may only be my dodgy eyesight, but don’t you want to change the shade of blue used on your links, now? Even if it is the same as the lightest in the graphic, it seems much lighter.

  5. I’m sure I just posted a comment here. weird. Anyhoo, do you not want to make your blue links darker. They may match the lightest colour at the top, but they look too light now.

  6. And, now it appears.

  7. Yeah, I haven’t had the chance to change individual colours yet. But I will. Oh yes.

  8. Tony, is this better?

  9. Yes. now, where’s that cup of coffee?

  10. tm

    Hmmm. I get a pale blue highlighted area directly below any picture on the blog when i mouse over the picture itself. For example the jobby picture below.

    Looks like the link background highlight colour.

  11. Yeah, it’s the link background. For no apparent reason, when you use Blogger’s image upload feature it makes the image a link; click on the image, and you get to see… the image! Woo!

    I want to stop it doing that but I haven’t had the time to look at it, I’m afraid. One for the ever-expanding to-do list.

  12. Why not just upload the photo using FTP and code the image in the post using HTML? Isn’t Blogger’s built-in stuff for amateurs?

  13. Well, the whole point of blogging (for me at least) is that it’s quick and dirty. Pissing around with proper HTML and FTP is *work* :)

  14. tm

    Hey, I notice IE puts it as a ring around the whole image – still un wanted, but at least I can tell what it’s for. I wonder why FF just puts it at the bottom…