PC World: no more commission-based selling

PC World is axing its commission-based scheme in order to improve customer service, says the Register. If true – the announcement’s a bit confusing, because on the one hand the staff won’t have commissions but their shops still do, so there’s bound to be some pressure still – it’s a smart move, because one of the two most annoying things about electrical retailing is the feeling that the person you’re speaking to is thinking of a target rather than what’s right for you.

Mind you, as The Reg notes it’s unclear whether the new regime spells the end of the other most annoying thing about electrical retailing:

The PC World statement failed to mention whether sales staff would be discouraged from persuading customers into buying their warranties, the profitable insurance policies that are the cause of many sour faces among consumer campaigners.

[Vested interest alert: I’ve written for PC World’s customer magazine.]