Now I understand how computer games can cause violence

I would love to meet the developers of the shooting game Black and, well, shoot them. From putting the disc into the Xbox to actually starting play takes the best part of 15 minutes. First, there’s the lengthy, tedious and unskippable opening credits; then, a cliched and unskippable montage of newspaper headlines and video clips to show that, like, there’s bad people and political instability and terrorism and war and stuff; finally, some crappy and unskippable animation that’s designed to show how cool, enigmatic and tough your character is. Just like every other sodding first-person shooter, albeit with a bigger budget.

God almighty, when I buy a first-person shooter I don’t give a flying arse who the project manager is, I could care less about the backstory and I’d rather eat my own legs than watch yet another crappy cutscene. ENOUGH OF THE CINEMATICS I WANT TO SHOOT THINGS GODDAMMIT

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I hear ya!

But once you’re in there, is it any good? Looking desperately for Xbox games. A gal can only play Halo so many times before it’s time to buy something new!

It’s really good – nice and visceral. Reviews suggest it’s very short, though, and that a competent player could complete the whole thing in about five to seven hours. Or in my case, six weeks :)

If you haven’t already got it, GoldenEye Rogue Agent is superb in a Halo stylee. And cheap! And Halo 2’s good, if you can ignore the obvious signs of a rush-release (such as the really crappy ending).

Hopefully David’ll spot this thread and chip in – he’s the person I turn to for games advice. And then ignore, so he can say “I told you so” when I choose a game that sucks.

I’m not sure how the XBox version will pan out but GR:AW on the 360 is pretty good. Not quite FPS and you can send in apache gunships and the like.

Thankyou, I shall take all of the above under advisement!

Currently playing and enjoying Prince of Persia The Two Thrones. Have played Halo2 numerous times already but didn’t find I liked it as much as the first game. I’ve got Black so I shall give that a go as well!

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