New camera, new puppy madness

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As Squander Two pointed out the other week, getting a puppy is a great excuse to buy new techno-toys such as digital cameras. And after about ten seconds of playing with it, I’m loving the Kodak EasyShare P850 – not least because its image stabiliser compensates for the shakes in my RSI-added hands.

It’s amazing how far cameras have come. In early 1999 I reviewed some digicams for PC Format:

A megapixel camera can produce images made of more than 1 million pixels, with some newer models taking shots at a resolution of 1984 x 1488 – almost 3 megapixels.

Almost 3 megapixels!

One of the cameras I reviewed was a Kodak Digital Science DC260. For £600, you got this:

the DC260 takes up to 16 pictures at 1152 x 864 resolution. If you’re willing to go for lower quality, you can store up to 90 pictures.

Those 90 pictures were on a CF card, not the camera’s internal memory. 16 hi-res pics on a storage card was pretty damn impressive back then.